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The Mariachi Sabor a México

The mariachi Sabor a México was born from the love and deep respect to the Mexican Mariachi music genre, which represents, shares, records, expresses and keeps alive the multiculturalism of the Mexican roots. This music is at the same time the expression of a daily life, full of traditions and a great variety of customs.


For 15 years we have been working on researching and understanding the particularity, the magic, the nostalgia and the sense of festivity represented by this folkloric universe, in which love and goodbye are experienced throughout music.


Since it is impossible to dissociate the feelings from music, or to separate the Mariachi genre from dance, we have built an audio-visual performance that evokes and recreates the essence of the Mexican culture; always linked to music and dance.


Our mission is to spread and share the most authentic and professional Mariachi music in Europe, and in every corner of Belgium.


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